Life coaching is a journey at the end of which the client reaches his or her goals. The client’s goals are at the centre of each session, which will focus on helping the client to reach them. Your cooperation with a coach (psychologist) starts by identifying  your dilemma (problem) and then leads you towards solutions.
I have a flexible approach to dates of sessions which can take place in my office, over the phone or via Skype. If you would like to learn more don’t hesitate to contact me.

Who is a life coach?
Life coach helps people to define their personal goals and to take steps to achieve them. He provides encouragement and supports personal development leading to  a more balanced life. Life coach will help you with your relationships with family and other people, develop your social skills and fulfil your needs.

What is life coaching?
Life coaching will help you to understand the world around you and solve problems you face every day. A coach will support you in planning your professional career as well as make choices in your personal life until you, step by step, reach your goals and fulfil your potential.

What is life coaching online?
Life coaching via internet is for those who live abroad or simply prefer this form of communication. The sessions are run via Skype. This allows to organise the session at the time that is most convenient for a client and a coach. The way of working via Skype is the same as in a face to face meeting. Coach is a listener, mentor, someone who will motivate you, help understand a given problem and solve it.